Robots Taking Over Fast Food Jobs (Video)


Fast food workers in Seattle are demanding that the Seattle City Council increase the minimum wage from $9.19 per hour to $15 an hour.

"We're asking for $15 because in order to support one person in a one bedroom apartment, you need to make $14.88," said Arby's worker Amanda Larson recently to "We don't make anywhere near that and we're all on food stamps."

However, some critics are saying the workers are lucky to have a job as robots are replacing fast food workers in Japan and Europe.

According to, a Japanese sushi-chain has replaced chefs with robots that prepare meals, which customers order on a touch screen. A computer tracks purchases and takes care of the bill payment, therefore replacing the cashier.

The managers of all the sushi restaurants "manage" their eateries from one location via video screens.

Likewise, McDonald's installed touch-screen kiosks in their European stores, which replaced cashiers. McDonald's is also experimenting with robot burger flippers.

A Chinese restaurateur in Beijing has invented a robot chef to make sliced noodles. The robot chef costs $1,500 and does not demand safe working conditions or a livable wage (video below).



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