Rich Romney Donor Calls Obama Supporters an Ignorant Horde

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It was the July 4th weekend. A limo slammed to a stop on the way into the $50,000-a-plate luncheon at billionaire David Koch’s plush Southampton, N.Y., estate. A darken window on the limo rolled down. A woman dressed like a queen sneered at the throng of Obama supporters blocking the road. Then, she vented her thoughts on the AP reporter who rushed toward her.

These uneducated, freeloading Obama supporters do not even know what they need. We have to make the important decisions for them, they’re so misinformed. They just want a handout, anyway. She pointed at a protester’s sign and laughed.

The sign read, “Your $50,000 ticket would pay off my education loans.”

She demanded to know why the man refused to get a job. And then, like magic, the swat team descended, the crowd parted, the black window went up, and off she went to speak with Mr. Romney.

Naturally, some folks will rush to judgment about this well-heeled woman. But think about it. In the land of $50 million-dollar mansions, with hundreds of state troopers and the U.S. Coastguards patrolling the beach, why should she have to wait for a horde of scraggily imps to get out of the way?

And you have to give her credit, too. These protestors really did not know what’s best for them. Not even the N.Y.U. professor calling for fair play in politics.

They all supported universal healthcare insurance as a right. What’s more, they supported
keeping Social Security and Medicare, not downsizing them.

Downsizing Social Security and Medicare. That is why the woman went to the meeting in the first place!

She, like most Romney donors, wanted to hear how the Ryan Budget plan to privatize middle-class entitlements will play out. Big speculators need the insider information early. When these funds go private, it’ll be a speculator’s paradise.

All in all, you might think this proves that the election is a battle between the rich and the poor. But no. The election is really a battle over entitlements. The wealthy lady feels entitled to double her income and property holdings under the next president.

Meanwhile, the middle class is fighting for their own entitlements. Those demonstrators were
saying they feel entitled to an education, a home, and a job. The also feel entitled to a secure retirement account and to keep their healthcare policies.

Later, at the meeting, Romney and House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan saluted David
Koch and Karl Rove. They are the ones who waylaid the middle class and got them to fight against each other over their own piece of the American pie.

Because of Koch and Rove, middle-class hourly workers watch Fox News to learn how to hate their neighbors. Yes, hate people who have jobs as teachers, firefighters, police officers, or trash collectors. Just more freeloaders with cushy, laid-back union jobs, which drain the government coffers, leaving nothing for the rest of us, right?

So, the lady is correct. Most middle-class Americans do not know what they need. That is why they attack the entitlements of other middle-class workers. They hope it will garner something for themselves. And this is the battle … middle class vs. middle class … that the woman is paying $50,000 for Romney to keep going.

And as the day ended, there was only one sad note for her. All the godfathers of divisiveness were at the Hamptons save one. Rush Limbaugh did not attend. It simply was not his kind of a conspiracy.


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