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Resumes Don't Get Jobs!

As a jobseeker, have you ever been completely frustrated—knowing a company is looking for you and your skills, but you can’t even get an email response, let alone an interview? If so, you’re not alone. You may very well be one of the many who have come to find firsthand that searching for a job can be a challenging prospect to say the least. Not only that, but it seems that the old rules of job searching have changed completely.

For today’s jobseeker, Resumes don’t get jobs, people do! This is Job Search Truth #1, and the sooner you learn this simple concept, the sooner you will be gainfully employed. Write it down, put it somewhere you will see it often, do what it takes to make this your job search mantra:

Job Search Truth #1: Resumes don’t get jobs, people do!

This is a basic fundamental of today’s job-seeking world. It simply comes down to the fact that with new technologies, with the communication highway moving faster than Superman himself, and with the reality that managers and recruiters are busy people, you have to use a different approach than you did even a few years ago. You basically need to throw out the old concepts of how to go about getting a job.

Gone are the days of sending out resumes and waiting to be discovered.  Applying to jobs online is the single fastest way to become depressed.  I call it Internet Depression.  That's the feeling you get after spending the entire week/month/quarter/year applying to jobs online, and never hearing back from anyone?  Sound all too familiar?  Are you tired of being depressed?  Are you ready to try something different?  Something that really works?

Internet Depression increases in direct proportion to the number of jobs that you apply to online!

Successful job seekers today are throwing out the old rules and investing their time and efforts in the new ones.  The first is finding out about new job opportunities before they are posted online.  I've found that there is usually 2-4 weeks that hiring managers are thinking about hiring before they actually initiate the process.  If you can get in front of them during this time period, you are only competing with yourself for the job.  Compare that to the 1500 people that will apply to the job once it gets posted online, and you will see the benefit of tapping into the hidden job market.

How do you find these opportunities?  Simple - you talk to lots of people each and every day.  A great tool that I recommend it  I manage my social network with this free online tool.  But remember: it's just a tool.  Not a crutch.  You still need to talk to people .  Note I didn't say email people.  The phone is ten times better for job seekers.

I'm confident that you can tap into this hidden job market and find success.  How do I know?  I do the same thing every day, and convince the same company that's looking for you to pay me 30% of your salary to find you.  Guess what?  Companies are still paying me in this economy to find people just like you because they can't find you on their own.  Don't you think they would rather have you find them and save them 30%? 

Michael C. Webb is The Employment Expert, Author of Six Weeks to Multiple Job Offers, and a Partner in the executive search firm CFOs2GO.  Find Michael on LinkedIn:


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