Republicans Fire First Rounds of the Second Civil War

The Republicans have joined the Tea Party and declared war on the American way of life.
Without a doubt, it’s a refighting of the American Civil War.

That war was fought between those moderates in the North, who demanded fairness, and those aristocrats in the South, who put their own self-interests above all other’s.

Today, we are engaged on the great battlefield of the Second Civil War. Big Money has bought off almost every Republican candidate for office. And they all agree that money talks and that it’s a pay-to-play world. This has become their highest value.

Republicans are united on this. They celebrate that out of the gate, they will privatize Social
Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and take away your guaranteed right to healthcare under the
Affordable Care Act.

The Republicans even celebrate that they do not have to tell the truth. That’s because they’ve bought so much media time they could make you believe almost anything.

If nothing else, they’ve got that right.

While the Democrats argue about inclusiveness, the Republicans have run away with the 2012 election simply by appealing to people’s base instincts, their selfishness, and their false sense of pride.

It’s funny in a way.

When this chapter about the collapse of the American Empire is written, people will gasp and
wonder about human nature. You see, it’ll be obvious to future generations that the winners were willing to give billions of dollars to win this war.

Meanwhile, the losers couldn’t even bother to contribute ten dollars to the candidate of their
choice. Yet they could argue all day over the endowed rights of every American.

Yeah … those Democrats could talk big about equal opportunity. But they could not part with
even a single dime to protect it. For some future generation, that may be enough to prove the Republican’s case.


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