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Republican Super PAC Launches 'Stop Hillary 2016' Campaign

It is still a long ways out, but Republicans already feel threatened by a 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. The Republican super PAC America Rising has now launched a “Stop Hillary 2016” website aimed at curbing support for the popular Democratic candidate.

The website has been launched in the midst of growing speculation and support for Clinton, CNN reported Thursday. Clinton has served as a New York senator, U.S. Secretary of State and first lady. Her diverse experience, in addition to the fact she’s the first female frontrunner for a presidential campaign in history has made her poster child for the Democrats and a target for the Republicans.

"America Rising was formed to prevent Americans from ever having to see another Clinton in the White House," the website reads. "We’ve seen what a President Hillary Clinton would be like from her time as Secretary of State. We can’t afford another Clinton administration after eight years of President Obama."

The America Rising super PAC was launched in March and is run by Matt Rhoades, who cannot exactly brag about his record as the former Mitt Romney campaign manager, as well as RNC strategists Tim Miller and Joe Pounder. It specializes, according to the website, in opposition research like its Democratic equivalent, American Bridge.

Two Democratic senators, Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., and Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., have already publicly offered support for a Hillary 2016 ticket touting her experience as former senator, secretary of state and first lady as a unique combination of prerequisites no other candidate could offer.

“I am personally urging Secretary Clinton to run," Gillibrand said at a Third Way think tank event. "I've told her I plan to support her in any way I can."

Sources: Huffington Post, CNN


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