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Report: Bernie Madoff's Wife Ruth Dumps Him

Well, that took long enough. More than two years after his $65 billion Ponzi scheme was revealed, the wife of Bernie Madoff has reportedly dumped him.

The author of a book released last week called "Bernie Madoff: The Wizard of Lies" said Ruth Madoff has not visited her husband in prison since their son Mark killed himself late last year.

Both Mark and their other son Andrew refused to speak to their mother because she continued to stand by Madoff's side. But now she wants her lone surviving son back.

“Ruth has not seen Bernie since Mark’s suicide and I think the remnants of the family will now pull together," author Diana Hendriques told the British newspaper the Daily Express. “Ruth visiting him in prison was a major impediment to her being reconciled with them.”

Bernie and Ruth Madoff were high school sweethearts and have been married for 52 years.

It was Mark and Andrew Madoff who turned their father in after learning of the scheme. They said they had no knowledge of it. However, investigators are looking into that claim.


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