Rep. Michele Bachmann Blames Obama for IRS Scandal

Rep. Michele Bachman, who ran unsuccessfully in the 2012 Republican presidential primary, has accused the Obama administration of threatening the Internal Revenue Service in order to get them to target conservative groups.

The IRS admitted on Friday that it “inappropriately” targeted conservative organizations during the 2012 primary season, for the 2011 fiscal year. Groups with “tea party” or “patriot” in their names that took issue with “how the country is being run” were specifically picked out by the IRS and asked to supply further documents and proof of tax-exempt status.

Bachmann didn’t waste any time firing blame at the top tiers of the government, suggesting that the President had little else to do than micromanage tax audits during campaign season.

“We learned that during an election, [Obama] interfered with the First Amendment rights of conservatives and tea party members by intimidating and harassing these organizations,” Bachmann said to World Net Daily, a conservative website.  “Once again, it appears the Obama administration is blatantly lying to the American people... People can right ask questions [about] the credibility of the elections."

The IRS has denied that any high-level government officials were involved in the targeting, a fact Bachmann called ‘laughable.’

Bachmann further snowballed, stipulating that the government’s next move is to deny health care to conservatives, since the IRS and the Obama administration worked together closely to pass the health care bill a couple years ago.

The scandal stems from a 2010 Supreme Court ruling in United v. Federal Election Commission, which opened the doors to nearly unlimited political spending for corporations. Much of this money is funneled through sub-organizations created to be tax-exempt, which the IRS attempts to watch closely.

Sources: Huffington Post, Washington Post, CNN


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