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Rep. Marsha Blackburn Defends GOP Blocking Equal Pay Law (Video)

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) claimed that Republicans supported “women’s equality” today even though Senate Republicans blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act only days ago.

The Paycheck Fairness Act would require companies to disclose information about payment and their workplace demographic. The bill would not allow companies to punish their workers for exercising their free speech rights when talking about salaries. If women were getting paid less for the same job as a man, they would be allowed to file lawsuits for equal pay, reports MSNBC.

"The legislation was something that was going to be helpful for trial lawyers," Rep. Blackburn claimed on CBS' "Face the Nation," noted (video below).

"What we would like to see happen is equal opportunity and clearing up some of the problems that are not fair to women," added Rep. Blackburn.

However, the problem of women being 77 cents for every dollar that men get paid wasn't mentioned by Rep. Blackburn.

“We’re all for equal pay!” said Rep. Blackburn. “I would love for women to be focused on maximum wage, and I have fought to be recognized with equality for a long time. A lot of us get tired of guys condescending to us.”

However, there is no such law or proposed law called "maximum wage."

Rep. Blackburn also said, "Obamacare has been very unfair to women," but failed to mentioned all the preventive medical services women now get under Obamacare without a co-pay.

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