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Rapper 'Tim Dog' Reportedly Faked Death to Dodge Restitution Payments

An arrest warrant has been issued for a popular 1990s rapper who died from diabetes-related complications earlier this year.

Timothy Blair aka “Tim Dog” reportedly died on February 14, 2013 at the age of 46, according to The Source – a popular hip-hop magazine that was widely cited among other news outlets at the time.

However, a Mississippi woman who lost over $30,000 to the rapper in a previous swindling operation is claiming the New York native is alive, well, and faked his own death to avoid making restitution payments.

And the woman, Esther Pilgrim of Southaven, Miss., isn’t alone in her claim.

Earlier this week, a Mississippi prosecutor filed a warrant for Blair’s arrest, alleging the rapper owes Pilgrim restitution for the 2011 grand larceny conviction. A judge later approved the warrant.

The prosecutor, Steven Jubera, said he has found no death records, certificates, or indication whatsoever that the rapper actually died.

"I have no proof that he's dead, so I have to presume that he's alive," Jubera said.

Blair was sentenced in August 2011 to 14 days in jail and five years off probation for swindling $32,000 from Esther – whom he met on an online dating site four years earlier.

Blair, who rose to fame with his 1990s hit “F--- Compton” – a song that heavily criticized West Coast rappers – told Pilgrim he needed $32,000 to get his music career up and running again.

After a non-existent startup attempt, Blair was ordered to repay Pilgrim roughly $19,000 – payments which stopped after the rapper’s “death.”

Earlier this month, Pilgrim told a Memphis news outlet Blair could owe up to $2 million to women around the globe who fell victim to the same ploy.

Attempts to discover the rapper’s burial spot, cause of death, autopsy report and death certificate have yielded minimal results for agencies looking into the case. 

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