Rapper Drake Wants Money From Companies Using YOLO on Merchandise


The catchphrase YOLO was made famous by the Canadian rapper Drake, who now money from the sales of all the merchandise that include YOLO.

Drake, who is reportedly worth $25 million, posted two pictures on Instagram with clothing that had the acronym YOLO, which stands for ‘you only live once,’ reports the Daily Mail.

The first image (pictured) uploaded on Christmas Eve shows baseball caps being sold for $12 for a pair at Walgreens, to which Drake wrote: "Walgreens…you gotta either chill or cut the cheque."

The second photo shows a T-shirt featuring Charlie Brown and Snoopy which reads "YOLO is my motto."  Drake wrote: "Macy's...same goes for you."

YOLO turned into a viral sensation in 2012 because of Drake's hit song 'The Motto,' which includes the lyrics: "Now she want a photo, you already know, though/ You only live once: that's the motto n*gga, YOLO."

However, it is unclear whether Drake has trademarked the slogan YOLO.

in July 2006, The Strokes came out with a single called You Only Live Once and launched Operation YOLO asking fans to request the song on the radio.

In October 2011, Drake tweeted "You only live once...YOLO" with a picture of himself standing on a balcony.

Currently, there are more than 100 YOLO trademark applications for products ranging from cologne to dog collars.


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