Pro "Occupy" Michael Moore: Wall Street and the Rich Hate Free Market

Speaking at Vanderbilt University Tuesday night, Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore told the audience to “occupy everything” in order to restore democracy in America.

Referencing the Occupy Wall Street movement, Moore said: “These Occupy protests are the most important movements happening in this country. Occupy Nashville, occupy Memphis, occupy everything to get democracy back.”

In his two-hour long talk, Moore said: “(The rich) hate the free market. Their nirvana is no competition, no choice for the consumer. (The rich) looked like they were having a pretty good time with 70 percent of their money being taken in taxes. You know what was done with that money? You have three friggin’ interstates that come to Nashville.”

Moore criticized President Obama as “difficult to witness,” but laid most of the blame on the Republicans: “The Republicans know that the majority of America wants (liberal) things to happen. It was a mandate in 2008, it’s what the American people wanted. You and I live in a liberal country, that’s one of our best kept secrets.”

Moore told the receptive crowd of 1,100 people that he wants back the president who was proud of his full name, Barack Hussein Obama: “He put his full name on the ballot. That took guts, that took spine, that took some backbone. I want that backbone, I want that spine, I want that courage, I want that guy back.”

During his speech, Moore stopped to sing the National Anthem in a somber tone. He was eventually joined by the crowd, which stood. He said he did it because "a lot of bad things are being done in our name."


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