Practice of 'Flipping Pets' is Unacceptable and Wrong


Flipping houses has become quite popular these days. Taking a run down home, renovating it, selling it, all in hopes of making a profit. Can you even count the reality shows on television about flipping houses? Makes sense, helps neighborhoods, it's a good thing. Can you apply that good thing to the same with our pets?

In these days of No Kill, it is more than popular to have free give aways  of pets, or very reduced adoption fees. Although we are told you should not give away pets for free on CraigsList or at all, the very ones saying that are the very ones willing to give pets away for free under the philosophy of No Kill.

The question has to be asked, if a person takes a free pet, does that mean they have the finances to take that pet to the vet or give it the standard of food that it deserves? In a disposable society, which we are, free means disposable.

Another of the scams growing from the freebies by No Kill is flipping pets. Recently a person placed fake ads along with fake pictures offering beautiful puppies for $100. She received many responses and researched the email addresses of those responses. Several ads were found of those responding where they were selling dogs/puppies on Craigslist for much more money. In other words they were getting the "cheap" ones, turning around and advertising them for more money - flipping.

How can this be happening? How have we gone so far down that we devalue pets in such a fashion that they are nothing more than moneymakers now? How has No Kill played a role in all of this? As reported before on Opposing Views, schemes and scams that we never heard of before, now abound, centered around No Kill.  No Kill's philosophy is that there is not a pet overpopulation, there are plenty of homes.

Can you see how this lends itself to all these schemes and scams developing around this philosophy? It lends credibility to the breeding of more, meeting that demand. It lends itself to abuse because it also says that any home is better than to die in the "pound". No Kill devalues pets with the freebies and BOGO sales it pushes. So why not take advantage of something that the No Kill community cares so little for?

Pets are being transported all over the country with no regulation. What is really happening to these pets? Are they being flipped as well? Appears to be so.

Brenda Barnette, an infamous No Killer and former AKC legislative rep, is allowing the shipping of LA City shelter pets all over with no accountability of what happens to them. Are pits going for fighting purposes, who knows, not Barnette. Is anyone making money from this? One group who has been barred from pulling from most sheltersin the Los Angeles area is now in the transport business and very open about it.

Suited up a UHaul with cages and voila, she's transporting thousands of miles. Must be money in it if people are jumping on the bandwagon. Without regulation, we have no idea where or what happens to these transported pets. Just another of the ideas springing from the philosophy of No Kill. It appears to me that No Kill is supporting a growing underground economy more than helping animals, it is a user of animals.


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