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Powerball Ticket Holders Hope to Win Wednesday's Record $500 Million Drawing

Millions of hopeful lottery players are hoping to win this Wednesday’s Powerball $500 million jackpot. A flood of ticket sales fueled the sudden increase in the jackpot, which is up from $425 million early this week.

The lottery’s website posted the new jackpot today, which will likely continue the frenzied ticket-buying -- and may even increase the jackpot before tomorrow’s drawing. According to the Los Angeles Times, as much as 60 percent of all sales come in the last day before the drawing.

The odds, however, of turning a $2 Powerball ticket into $500 million still remain a daunting one in 175 million. Ticket holders are 1,517 times more likely to visit the emergency room due to a pogo stick injury or 264 times more likely to win an Olympic gold medal.

There has not been a Powerball winner since Oct. 6, which has helped to make this jackpot one of the largest of the year.

Powerball tickets are available for purchase in 42 states, Washington, D.C. and the Virgin Islands.

The eight states that don't have Powerball include: California, Utah, Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada and Wyoming.


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