Police Break Up "Occupy San Francisco" Camp

In a surprising little twist, it appears police in usually laid-back San Francisco have much less patience than their counterparts in New York City when it comes to the "Occupy" protesters -- cops in Frisco shut down the group's encampment.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that police clad in riot gear made their move on about 200 protesters early Thursday morning. They had set up camp outside the Federal Reserve Bank building about a week ago. 

With cops guarding them, city workers removed their tents, sleeping bags and other belongings.

In contrast, the New York protests have been going on for three weeks with no end in sight. 

But the San Francisco protesters are not giving up -- about 20 of them remain, albeit without any sleeping comforts.

"We are still at the camp indefinitely," Occupy SF said in a statement. "We are calling on all of the 99 percent to mobilize ASAP. This occupation must continue to grow."

That "99 percent" refers to the crux of the protest; that just 1% of the nation's elite controls most of its wealth and power, leaving the rest of us to suffer.


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