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Poet Raffael Medina Brochero Sells Testicles To Fund Europe Trip (Video)

Yes, you read that right. Colombian Poet Raffael Medina Brochero, 52, has decided that a trip to Europe will literally cost him his testicles. And, as if finding someone to buy the 52-year-old pair testicles at all is not enough, Brochero has decided that he is only taking bidders who are willing to pay a whole $20,000 for them.

The poet said the reason for the odd sale is for the sake of participating in “Poetry for Peace in Colombia,” or in other words, his proposed tour through Europe.

But why would anyone be interested in buying Brochero’s testicles? Apparently, the poet “welcomes the transplantation of his testicles into the body of a man who needs them more than he does, or, failing that, their use in the preparation of soup.”

This is not the first crazy money-making scheme that Brochero has cooked up. He seems to be most concerned with not having a repeat of his nearly failed tour in Bolivia in 2012, where he broke several laws to stay in the country, before he ran out of cash and decided to sell his wedding ring to make up for lost costs.

We’ll just have to see how this attempt at an odd sale ends up. Apparently, "there is no real value for any body part," journalist Scott Carney told The Huffington Post. "It's what gets negotiated, like a used car."

Regardless, such a bold move certainly takes, well, balls.

Sources: Gawker, Huffington Post


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