Pizza Guy Caught Eating Toppings Off Customer's Pizza

A pizza delivery guy was busted after a security camera caught him eating toppings off a customer’s pizza.

The footage is from Russia, and it shows the pizza guy entering an elevator, taking a pizza out of the warmer bag, opening it and picking off selected toppings to eat. Perhaps the pizza business was working him so much they forgot to give him a lunch break? Or maybe the customer was rude on the phone?

According to a comment from a self-claimed representative of the pizza parlor on the YouTube site, the pizza guy was fired because of his reckless behavior.

The video also can serve as a tell-tale warning to pizza-eaters everywhere: A minimum wage teenager will be handling your pizza for at least a good 20 minutes, all by his or herself, so any type of rudeness while ordering could result in a little extra (or in this case, a little less) flavoring by the time it arrives on your doorstep. 

Here's the video:

Sources: Gawker, MSN


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