Pizza Delivery Man Gets $10 Tip on $1454 Order (Photo)

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The internet was set ablaze on Tuesday when a Reddit user exposed the paltry tip his friend received for a massive pizza delivery order.

According to Reddit user jfastman, his friend recently made a single, 85-pizza delivery that resulted in a $1,453.95 bill. For his troubles, the delivery man got a whopping $10 tip – not even one percent. It is worth noting, however, that nobody knows whether or not the guy got additional cash at the door. It’s just sort of assumed that if he had, his buddy likely wouldn’t have been complaining about the matter on Reddit.

While standard operating procedure as it pertains to tipping delivery people varies, numerous outlets have been citing Cornell University School of Hotel Administration associate professor Mike Lynn’s suggestion. He says that a minimum of $2 per pizza should be paid out.

In this case, a $2 per pizza tip would have resulted in a $170 tip. At minimum.

What do you think: what would have been an appropriate tip amount in this particular situation?

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