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Pit Bull Attacks L.A. Animal Control Officer Mireya Martinez, Sheriff’s Deputy Shoots Dog

A Sheriff’s Deputy was forced to shoot an attacking Pit Bull on Saturday morning, when it lunged for the throat of Los Angeles County Animal Control Officer Mireya Martinez. Officer Martinez was attempting to capture the dog after it killed a Chihuahua in the 13500 block of Ramsey Avenue in La Mirada, according to a report by KFI Radio News.

Sheriff’s first received a 911 call that the Pit Bull had been fighting with the Chihuahua and the small dog was “hanging from the Pit Bull’s mouth,” according to reports.

Animal Control Officer Mireya Martinez responded and Sheriff’s Deputies stayed at the scene to assist. When the animal control officer arrived, she was informed that a “fawn-colored” male Pit Bull had killed the Chihuahua, whose dead body was lying in the street, reports.

According to a spokesperson for L.A. County Animal Care and Control, Sheriff’s Deputies helped Officer Martinez secure the Pit Bull in a fenced area for public safety and waited until the animal appeared to have calmed down.

However, when the officer attempted to place a rope leash over the dog’s head it suddenly became agitated and jumped toward the officer’s face and neck.Officer Martinez raised her arm to protect her throat and the dog’s initial contact was mitigated by the officer’s clothing and jacket.A female Sheriff’s deputy immediately shot the dog to save the officer’s life.

Los Angeles County Director of Animal Care and Control Marcia Mayeda states that Officer Martinez is recovering from this incident; however,“Attacks against animal control officers are always a traumatic event for the officer and other emergency responders. ACO’s devote themselves to protecting public safety through capturing stray and dangerous animals. Being the victims of such attacks themselves further jeopardize community safety.”

She added, “The Department takes these cases very seriously and reminds dog owners to properly contain their dogs. Failure to do so may result in criminal complaints against the owner, and restrictions placed on the dogs involved.”


KFI Radio News:


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