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PGP Currently Priced 84.4% Above Net Asset Value

The following is a technical analysis on stock ticker PGP (Pimco Global StockPLUS & Income Fund).

The current share price of PGP -- heading into trading on Friday -- is $19.90, whereas the current net asset value is $10.79. At current, PGP is trading at a level of 84.4% above it's Net Asset Value.

The Net Asset Value of PGP as reported by Pimco is $10.79. A reversion of the stock price from its current level to the NAV would result in a stock price decline of 45.8% from today's current prices. Stock ticker XPGPX is the NAV ticker symbol for PGP and reflects the actual asset value of PGP. XPGPX currently trades at $10.79.

MotleyFool rates this stock a 1-star based on its CAPS rating system (1 to 5 star, 1 being the lowest).

On June 3, 2012, PGP was at its highest premium to NAV in its history, currently representing the peak of its premium above its Net Asset Value.

The price of a share in a closed-end fund is determined partially by the value of the investments in the fund, and partially by the premium or discount placed on it by the market. The total value of all the securities in the fund divided by the number of shares in the fund is called the net asset value (NAV) per share.

Source: Wikipedia


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