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People Skip Thanksgiving to Shop on Black Thursday, Complain About Missing Family Time (Video)

For some bargain hunters, Thanksgiving is becoming the fly-over holiday that they skip in order to get deals on what is now called "Black Thursday."

Amazingly, many shoppers didn't like sacrificing Thanksgiving with their families, but did so anyway to get reduced prices, especially on electronic gadgets, noted (video below).

“Unfortunately I have to miss Thanksgiving with my family, but my son is with my family right now. He thinks I’m at work,” Emmalee LaPorte told “It does suck that they are opening earlier than they used to. I have always gone Black Friday shopping, but being open at 5 kind of makes it hard to not be with family.

“I don’t think it’s really a good idea just because Thursday Thanksgiving is time for family and Friday is Black Friday and not Black Thursday,” added Zoltan Vider. “Ya, I’m out here supporting it, I guess, but I still don’t agree with it.”

“I never miss a Black Friday. I don’t care what state I’m in,” stated Zoe Newkirk. “I really don’t like that they do them on Thursday. I wish that they would have stuck with the original, but I guess corporate greed makes them get stuff going.”

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