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People Placing Bets on Kate Middelton's Pregnancy

Kate Middleton's pregnancy was recently confirmed by the Royal Family, but while the Duchess of Cambridge recovers in the hospital from a pregnancy-related malady, the U.K. based betting company Paddy Power is creating numerous pregnancy games for people to bet on.

Here are the odds for the baby's name from Paddy Power's website: Mary, Victoria and John are the 8/1 favorite, Diana and Frances at 9/1 with Philip, Anne and Charles at 10/1. The long shots include 80/1 Chelsea, 100/1 Bradley and 250/1 Fergie.

Paddy Power said on their website: "There’s very little to choose from between the top ten or so names in the betting. The nation will wait with baited breath on the blighter’s name, but I’d imagine some of our punters will be paying close attention than most."

Paddy Power sets the odds at 6/1 that the child will have ginger hair, with brown being the current 13/8 favorite.

For weight, the 5/2 favorite is between 7 pounds and 7 pounds, 15 ounces.

When it comes to godparents, Pippa Middelton and Prince Harry are the favorites at 25/1, while David and Victoria Beckham are at 100/1.


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