Paul Marinaccio Wins $1.6 Million Lawsuit Because of His Frog Phobia


Paul Marinaccio Sr. has won a $1.6 million lawsuit after developer Kieffer Enterprises drained so much storm water onto his property that tons of frogs showed up.

Apparently, this was far more than Marinaccio could bear as he has a childhood fear of frogs.

The town of Clarence, a suburb in Buffalo, New York, gave Kieffer Enterprises permission to the divert water onto Marinaccio's property, reports the Daily Mail.

"I am petrified. I go home at night and I can't get in my garage because of the frogs," Marinaccio said in 2009. "They're right in front of the damn door, Ok?"

Marinaccio called his adult daughter several times a week to come over and scare away the frogs, reports the Buffalo News.

Marinaccio sued the town of Clarence and Kieffer Enterprises because the runoff water turned turning his property into wetlands and a haven for frogs.

Marinaccio won his lawsuit and a verdict of $1.3 million against the town and $328,400 against Kieffer for compensatory damages, as well as $250,000 in punitive damages.

The New York State Court of Appeals recently upheld the decision, except for the $250,000 in punitive damages: "This newly-created wetland caused mosquitoes to breed and frogs to gather on plaintiff's property, about which plaintiff is particularly phobic."

"Consequently, plaintiff had problems traversing his property without the assistance of his family and friends, whom plaintiff would often call on to remove frogs from his driveway and near the door of his home."

Sources: Daily Mail and Buffalo News


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