Patricia Kunkle Claims her 2012 Obama Vote Cost Her a Job

Patricia Kunkle, who lost her job back in November 2012, is suing her ex-employer, defense contractor Q-Mark, for wrongful termination. Kunkle claims that she was fired from the Dayton, Ohio company for voting for President Obama.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, Patricia Kunkle is suing for $25,000 because she was fired just three days after Election Day on November 9th. Kunkle claims that she spoke to her employer about her vote on November 7th.

Kunkle said that Q-Mark president and owner, Roberta Gentile, threatened to fire employees if President Obama won the 2012 election and that Obama supporters would be the first to go.

Gentile’s attorney, Brian Wildermuth, told The Columbus Dispatch: "I am sure you and your readers are familiar with the ongoing uncertainties regarding defense spending, and thus the economic environment confronting defense contractors. The allegation that Q-Mark discharged Ms. Kunkle because of her vote is simply false.”

Kunkle started as a temporary worker with the small company in April and became full-time in May. Her lawsuit said that she performed her duties “efficiently and effectively,” and never received any disciplinary action.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch


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