Orthodox Jewish Woman Sues Lancôme When '24 Hour' Make-Up Doesn't Last Through Sabbath

When mandating His followers to observe the Sabbath, God probably didn’t consider the serious issues it would pose for women. That’s why one orthodox Jewish woman is suing Lancôme, claiming that its 24 hour long-lasting foundation is a scam, as it doesn’t last long enough to get her through the Sabbath.

Rorie Weisberg of upstate New York decided to sue Lancôme and its parent company L’Oréal after purchasing Lancôme's new Teint Idole Ultra 24H foundation and finding out that its claim of “long lasting perfection” doesn’t hold up. According to Weisberg, the make-up “faded significantly” overnight, leaving her face to fend for itself on the Sabbath.

According to orthodox Jewish law, applying make-up falls under “creative work” not allowed to be performed between nightfall on Friday night until nightfall Saturday night.  

The lawsuit states the product was falsely advertised, and requests damages for Weisberg and any other women who have fallen prey to the $45 bottle of lies.

“The 24-hour claim was central to plaintiff’s purchase decision, as a long-lasting makeup assists with her dual objectives of compliance with religious law and enhancement to her natural appearance,” the lawsuit reads.

The lawsuit also mentions that Weisberg’s eldest son is going to have a bar mitzvah on a Saturday in June, and that she was searching for the perfect foundation to help her both look great and observe Jewish law; evidently skirting the passages that talk about vanity.

Lancôme denied the accusations made by the lawsuit in an issued statement.

"Lancôme strongly believes that this lawsuit has no merit and stands proudly behind our products. We will strenuously contest these allegations in court. Consistent with our practice and policy, however, as this matter is currently in litigation, we cannot comment further," a spokeswoman for L'Oreal said in a statement.

Sources: New York Post,Daily Mail


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