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Opponents of Apple Call for Tim Cook's Resignation

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Just two days before Apple is set to announce its quarterly earnings, the desire for Tim Cook’s resignation reportedly grows stronger.

The call for an end to Cook’s reign comes from Doug Kass, Rob Enderle and Forbes’ Gene Marcial among others. Kass, who has demanded Cook’s resignation far more than reported it, tweeted on Sunday that his career was “cooked”. Previous tweets cite Kass as a gossiper and opponent of Apple. Enderle, a consultant for Dell and Microsoft, stated that Cook inherited the “impossible task of fixing Apple” and failed.

Marcial’s claim is the weakest, calling his unnamed Wall Street source and admittedly non-existent evidence “proof” of Cook’s so-called messy job.

Yet the criticism continues, despite the fact that Apple is trading higher today than when Cook replaced Steve Jobs. The uncertainty of Cook’s job has Wall Street buzzing and shareholders uneasy.

Apple is no longer grand Steve Jobs operation: “In order to be successful” reported Street Insider, “he needs to move away from the Steve Jobs-model and move to the Tim Cook-model”.

Sources: MarketWatch, CNNMoney


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