Ontario Woman Ecstatic To Win $40,000, Only To Realize She Really Won $40 Million


Pleasant surprises happen with money from time to time. Whether it’s an unexpected bonus from work, finding a $10 bill on the ground, or winning a round of poker with your friends, we all know it’s a good feeling when these surprises happen.

Ontario resident Maria Carreiro experienced not one, but two, huge financial surprises on Monday.

Carreiro went home to her family on Friday ecstatic because she thought she had just won $40,000 in the Canadian lottery. “I went home and I told my daughter, ‘Oh I won $40,000.’ She’s jumping off the bed too and then she calls her [sister] and says, ‘Mommy won $40,000.’” Carreiro said.

$40,000 is a lot of money. I would probably be screaming louder than I ever have before if I won that much money. For Carreiro, the party was just getting started.

She gave her daughter the lottery ticket so she could go online and claim the winnings. That’s when her daughter yelled out news that the rest of us can only dream of ever hearing.

“She flew up the stairs. I run up the stairs, then I run down the stairs,” Carreiro said. “She went on the computer and she checked the computer and she goes ‘Mommy, You’re $40-million richer.’ I’m like ‘No way, no way.’”

“I run down the street [to the store] like a crazy woman and check the lottery ticket and it says $40-million and I go ‘Oh my God.’ And then I ran back up the street, back home and then I go, I need a glass of water.’ Let me go sit down and relax.”

Carreiro called her husband while he was at work and told him the news. He thought she was joking until he got home and saw the ticket for himself. After reality set in, her husband did something that many dream of doing every day.

“On Monday, he told [his boss] ‘I quit!’” Carreiro said.

$40 million is a lot of money. Carreiro said she plans to buy homes for herself and her daughter, pick up some new clothes, and take a long overdue honeymoon to Hawaii with her husband. Before any of that, however, Carreiro said she plans to use the money for something much more important.

"I am going to go for dinner with my whole family at The Mandarin, all you can eat! That's what I'm going to do.”

Enjoy it, Mrs. Carreiro. 

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