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For James Groccia, LEGO is 'the Best Company in the World'

Christmas came early for a Massachusetts boy with Asperger’s syndrome who had been saving his nickels and dimes to purchase his favorite LEGO set -- only to find it had been discontinued.

Once James finally had his $100, his mother searched all over the Internet to find the coveted train set but, instead, found that it had been discontinued. In fact, it was now seen as something of a collector's item and had become far more expensive than its original retail price.

James, now 11, wrote to LEGO and explained that he saved all his birthday and holiday money for two years so he could purchase the $100 LEGO Emerald Night Train set. The boy had fallen in love with LEGOs after using them with a playgroup designed to help kids like him develop social skills.

Two days before James’ birthday a box arrived in the mail from LEGO with this letter:

“The Emerald Night Train is a wonderful set, so we can understand why it is your dream to own it. I commend your willpower and patience to save money for over two years just to purchase this. We have located an Emerald Night Train for you, James, and included it in this package! I am sure you will enjoy building it and cherish your time playing with the train. Fans like you are why we are so lucky as a company. Who knows, maybe you will be working for The LEGO Group one day! You certainly have the heart and passion for our bricks to do so! Happy building, James!”

The boy's mother then made a YouTube video that included the boy’s letter and LEGO’s letter, as well as his reaction when he opened up the box.

A simple gesture, yet one that speaks volumes about how kindness can build a better future.


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