Oklahoma Sen. Jim Onhofe Wants "Completely Different" Relief Bill Than Hurricane Sandy

Senator Jim Inhofe (R), from Oklahoma, told MSNBC on Tuesday that his home state will get a “totally different” federal relief fund than the Hurricane Sandy fund passed by Congress last year.

According to Inhofe, "everybody was getting in and exploiting the tragedy that took place,” referring to Congress members in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The Sandy relief bill was a political grab-bag for many Congress members because of the breadth of the storm — it hit 24 U.S. states total — and so nearly half of Congress was vying for some sort of aid.

“That won’t happen in Oklahoma,” Inhofe said. But because the storm only touched down in Oklahoma, it will be much easier for Congress to pass a cleaner relief aid bill.

The tornado in Oklahoma touched down Monday afternoon, pulverizing the suburban town of Moore in its 17 mile long path of destruction. Parts of the town only had minutes of warning before the tornado hit.

So far, the medical examiner has said 24 people are confirmed dead -- nine of which are children -- and over a 100 have been pulled from the rubble alive.

President Obama announced on Tuesday he has already signed a federal disaster declaration for the state, but funds will depend on a relief bill passed through Congress.

Sources: Huffington Post, CNN


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