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Occupy Wall Street Counter Protest: "Occupy a Desk"

The Occupy Wall Street folks marked the two-month anniversary of their movement with a massive march all over New York City on Thursday. They found that not everyone supports them.

Two brothers and Wall Street workers Derek and John Tabacco renamed themselves "Wall Street Freedom Fighters" for a day and staged a counter protest. Holding up signs reading "Get a Job" and "Occupy a Desk," the brothers said the protesters are not contributing anything to society,

"The protesters are making noise and expressing outrage, which is their right - and it’s commendable - but they’d be better off channeling that energy into results-driven strategies," Jon Tabacco said.

Derek Tabacco said they are actually impeding financial progress.

"We have jobs, we work every day, we're trying to stimulate the economy and we cannot get to work. we can't get through," he said.

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