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Obama Wants to Teach Math, Doesn't Want to Learn it


Yesterday, President Obama took the opportunity to introduce his latest initiative: Educate to Innovate. With the help of Big Bird and Elmo, the White House will be pushing math and science proficiency--something his own administration could desperately use. Last week, ABC News broke the story that the stimulus spending didn't add up, pointing to a serious breakdown in calculations by the Recovery Board.

For starters, the website that monitors the stimulus dollars,, was bragging about job creation in places like Arizona's 15th Congressional District. The only problem is the 15th District doesn't exist! Nor does Puerto Rico's 99th District, which is said to have received $47 million, and countless others. Apparently, the Recovery Board created to track the stimulus needs help keeping itself on track.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are either missing or misidentified. In dozens of fake districts, the website claims millions of dollars were spent to create a handful of jobs. Take Oklahoma, for instance. says it took the Sooners $19 million to create 15 jobs! Still, Ed Pound, a spokesman for the Recovery Board, announced yesterday that the agency has no intention of correcting its math. "Unless we find significant errors causing public confusion, we are not planning further corrections," said Pound. "Significant errors" like inflating the number of jobs created by 20,000? "Humans make mistakes," Pound told reporters. They sure do--like agreeing to bills like this one.

If the administration is planning new lessons in science, sign the White House up for those too! Last week's Climategate showed how misguided the President's environmental policies--like cap-and-trade policies--have been. By cracking into the servers of the Climatic Research Units, hackers exposed the fraud of global warming in dozens of emails written by the world's environmental experts. According to the messages, scientists were manipulating the facts to hide their own inconvenient truth, which is that global temperatures have actually been on the decline. Of course, plenty of scientists had debunked those theories before the controversy, but President Obama insisted on moving forward with his agenda in direct contradiction to the facts.


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