Obama Rakes in Donations Minutes After Gay Marriage Announcement

The president’s fundraising team got a financial windfall from their candidate’s unexpected announcement on Wednesday. According to the Daily News, Team Obama hauled in $1 million in donations in the first 90 minutes after President Obama declared his support for same sex marriage on ABC News.

This influx of donations is only the beginning of what is set to be a record-breaking week for the Obama campaign.

Thursday night a $40,000-a-plate dinner hosted by celebrity activist George Clooney is expected to line the president’s coffers with another $15 million. That mind-boggling sum is the grand finale of a day that includes two Seattle cash grabs totaling around $3 million.

President Obama admitted that he came out for gay marriage when he did because of Vice President Joe Biden’s ill-timed remarks on NBC’s Meet the Press.

The leader of the free world suggested that he would have preferred to make his views known at the Democratic Convention, though “all’s well that ends well.”

I’d say $19 million is a pretty happy ending.


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