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Obama Approval Ratings Down in "Blue" New York & California

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During the 2008 election cycle, President Barack Obama enjoyed high approval ratings in electorally-influential states such as New York and California -- states whose residents also significantly contributed to his campaign. However, as the 2012 presidential campaign enters the third quarter, Obama's approval ratings in these states have gone down. This could negatively affect his fund-raising. 

Of all 50 states, California and New York were the top two contributors to Obama's campaign in 2008. Obama received about $78 million from Californians according researchby the Center for Responsive Politics. So far this year, Obama has collected just $5.1 million from residents of the state. New Yorkers, meanwhile, have donated about $3.2 million to Obama this year, versus more than $50.5 million during the 2008 election cycle. 

In 2009, Obama's approval rating was 65 percent in California, which is down to 45 percent in September of 2011, according to a recent poll. Obama has also experienced a declining approval rating from New Yorkers, which was recently measured at just 49 percent.


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