Oakland Raiders Cheerleader Claims Her Pay Is Less Than $5 An Hour (Video)


The NFL is a multi-billion dollar business, but an Oakland Raiders cheerleader claims she was paid less than $5 per hour for this season.

According to My Fox DC, Raiderette "Lacy T." is suing the NFL team, which she says expected her to pay for much of her job (video below).

According to her lawsuit, the Raiderettes earn $1,250 per season, or about $125 for each home game, but after subtracting all their non-reimbursed time, the women make less than $5 an hour.

The non-reimbursed time includes two to three weekly rehearsals, 10 charity events, Fan Day appearance, team rally, swimsuit calendar photo-shoot and the travel time to all these activities, notes the San Francisco Chronicle.

Lacy T.'s lawsuit also claims that Raiderettes must pay for their tights, false eyelashes, yoga mat and a hairstylist (chosen by the Raiders) who charges several hundred dollars per appointment.

Lacy T. says that Raiderettes are fined $10 or more for not bringing the right pom-poms or a yoga mat to their practices. Raiderettes who gain 5 pounds or appear "too soft" are benched for the next home game and loses their $125 pay.

"I love being a Raiderette," Lacy T. said in a statement yesterday. "But someone has to stand up for all of the women of the NFL who work so hard for the fans and the teams. I hope cheerleaders across the NFL will step forward to join me in demanding respect and fair compensation."

"I've been dancing for 16 years, and I was paid more for dancing in college than I am as a pro cheerleader," added Lacy T. "I'm a stay-at-home mom, and every dollar out of my pocket is noticed."

Her lawyer says NFL teams' male mascots make in $65K range.

Sources: San Francisco Chronicle and My Fox DC


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