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Nonprofit Groups Withholding Donations from Hurricane Sandy Victims

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Many nonprofit organizations are withholding donations to Hurricane Sandy victims, whom they raised money for, claims New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

After Hurricane Sandy hit the New York and New Jersey coasts in October 2012, numerous charitable groups began collecting donations from the public to help with relief efforts.

Schneiderman says 89 charities raised more than half a billion dollars, but only 57 percent of the money had been given to Hurricane Sandy relief by April 2013. That means $238 million in donations has been kept by the nonprofits.

"This is about transparency. This is about accountability," Schneiderman told My Fox NY. "This is about us all understanding that the money goes where the donors intended and the relief is delivered effectively and efficiently."

The American Red Cross gave all of its Hurricane Sandy donation, about $300 million, to Sandy relief, but Schneiderman said at least 17 other nonprofit organizations plan to use Sandy donations for non-Sandy purposes.

"We ask those who have retained the money collected to do the right thing. Get the money out to the intended beneficiaries which are the victims of Hurricane Sandy," added State Sen. Joseph Addabbo Jr.

Source: My Fox NY


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