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NFL Claims to be Immune From California Labor Laws

Two Oakland Raiderettes, Caitlin Y. and Jenny C., sued the NFL back in June because they were not being paid at least minimum wage by the Oakland Raiders, per the state labor law of California.

However, the NFL claimed on Aug. 5 in court that it is "immune from all state labor code provisions."

According to, the NFL said in court papers: "Because the California Supreme Court found that players cannot bring antitrust claims against their teams, the NFL, therefore, is immune from state labor laws."

"The NFL is not a party to, and has no authority to enforce the Raiderette Agreement," added the NFL. "The NFL simply does not belong in this case."

"This is a very sweeping claim," John Logan, Director of Labor and Employment Studies at San Francisco State University, told NBC Bay Area. "It's surprising and probably not one that the courts are likely to agree with."

One of the Raiderettes' lawyers, Drexel Bradshaw, added, "There is no logical limit to [the NFL's] argument. If what they say is true, then no employee of any club team is afforded protections. That means anyone who is not a player, coaches, custodian, secretaries, groundskeepers, no one would be treated as a legitimate employee."

For its part, the Oakland Raiders claim the cheerleaders' pay is low because the NFL has allegedly kept down wages even though the team has raised the pay of the Raiderettes to the state minimum wage, noted

Sources:, NBC Bay Area,, (Image Credit: BrokenSphere)


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