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Newlyweds Auctioning Wedding Night Sex

A woman named 'Sandra' recently placed an ad, on the auction web site sex, which offered the highest bidder the opportunity to have sex with her on her wedding night in front of her husband, reports the Bild newspaper.

So far the highest bid has been 366 Euros, which is about $450 U.S. dollars.

Apparently, the bidding idea is to fulfill the newlywed's fantasy of 38-year-old Sandra being seduced by a stranger in a hotel, and later, caught by her husband.

The ad reads: “We'll meet in a hotel which you, as a gentleman, will pay for. We will get to know each other and when we start getting down to business I will ring my husband and tell him to come to the room. Yes, you read correctly: You may take me in front of my husband on our wedding night."

Sandra assured folks who were bidding that she would provide her marriage certificate, which should provide great comfort that this is legit.


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