Newark Bears Donate Money to Fight Drunk Driving -- on Beer Pong Night

So many things wrong with this story -- where to begin?

The Newark Star-Ledger reports that as a parting gift to pitching coach Jim Leyritz, the minor league baseball team the Newark Bears is donating $2,000 to Mothers Against Drunk Driving in his name. In 2007, Leyritz was involved in a fatal DUI accident. And the team is doing all of this on Beer Pong Night.

Best to have the team explain:

The Newark Bears are donating $2,000 to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) as a special farewell to one of their coaches, Jim Leyritz’s (sic). The Bears hope to help draw awareness during the teams (sic) last Thirsty Thursday of the season.

Although a Beer Pong Tournament will be hosted that night, the owners thought by hosting this event with all parties and attractions, it would support the important need of how people can have fun responsibly. (Designated Drivers) $20 includes; admission to the game and beer pong tournament. Winner will receive 50% of proceeds generated from the tournament registrations.

So there you go.

Leyritz had a blood-alcohol level of at least .13 when he collided with another car in Florida in December 2007. The other driver, who was also driving drunk, was killed.

Last November Leyritz was acquitted of DUI manslaughter but was convicted of driving under the influence. He was sentenced to probation. 


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