New York Real Estate Broker Lakhinder Vohra Accused of Rape


High-end Manhattan real estate broker Lakhinder Vohra was accused of rape by one of the many women that he allegedly brings back to his bachelor pad on a regular basis, according to an exclusive report by The New York Post. Vohra was arrested on a first-degree rape charge for the purported midday attack in his Wall Street apartment, where the two agreed to meet after exchanging messages over

Vohra has been a fan of SeekingArrangement for a while and the The Post has previously quoted him as saying that the website “changed my f-ing life.” The website caters to older men who are willing to disperse cash and gifts to young attractive women in exchange for the pleasure of their company.

Vohna’s relationship with the young woman, 26, had strictly existed within the confines of the Internet before she went to meet him at his downtown apartment on Wednesday. Sources claim that upon her arrival at his home, Vohra threw her onto his bed and made her have sex with him.

The victim was treated for her injures at Roosevelt Hospital, where a rape kit was taken during her examination. Vohra was arrested police cops from the Special Victims Unit and was awaiting arraignment Thursday night in Manhattan Criminal Court.

This is not the only violent incident Vohra has been linked to in recent months. After a doorman at his building made fun of him for bringing home a woman back in October, Vohra was charged with assault for allegedly body-slamming and punching the man in the elevator.

His fellow building residents have not been impressed by Vohra’s behavior. “He’s icky and slimy,” a neighbor said. “There’s a lot of women in and out of his apartment. He’s very full of himself.”


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