New Website Tells You if Anyone Ever Died in Your Home


If you fear that your home may be haunted by a deceased spirit, there is now a website that can find out if anyone has ever died in your house. informs users who has died in a home (and may be haunting it).

The ghoulish site was created by Roy Condrey after he was told by a tenant that his South Carolina rental property was haunted.

According to USA Today, Condrey discovered that there's no law requiring home sellers to reveal that a death took place in a home that's being sold, although some states, such as Texas, are required to disclose violent deaths.

"It's harder to find things like this out than you think," Condrey told the Houston Chronicle. "It would bother me if I knew someone died in my house. For instance, I couldn’t live in a house where there was a murder-suicide.”

"Some people don’t have a problem with knowing someone died in their home, but when you remind them that this knowledge could affect their home values, they change their tune," added Condrey.

He is charging folks $11.99 per search on, which searches millions of public records to find out if anyone has ever passed away on the property.

Not surprisingly, realtors don't like Condrey's website because it can drop the price by 15 to 25 percent.

However, Condrey claims some realtors have been running their own searches.

Some famous death sites actually attract people such as the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast Museum, which charges hundreds of dollars a night to rest where the alleged axe murderer slept.

Sources:, Houston Chronicle,, USA Today


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