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New Scams on the Block: America’s Worst Charities (Video)

You may want think twice before funneling your funds into a seemingly-angelic ‘charity’ organization. Recently, CNN, the Tampa Bay Times, and the Center for Investigative Reporting teamed up to expose the 50 worst charities in America.

Here’s one example of a ‘charitable’ abuse of funding, reported by the Tampa Bay Times:

While Cancer Fund provides care packages that contain shampoo and toothbrushes, the people in charge have personally made millions of dollars and used donations as venture capital to build a charity empire. Less than 2 cents of every dollar raised has gone to direct cash aid for patients or families, records show.

Carol Smith, resident of Knoxville, Tenn. is now one angry woman. She had contacted Cancer Fund when she found out her husband had been diagnosed with lung cancer. The assistance she received shook her to the core. "It was filled with paper plates, cups, napkins and kids' toys," she says. "My husband looked like somebody slapped him in the face. I just threw it in the trash."

According to the Center for Investigative Reporting, charities often choose to opt out of telemarketing as a means of raising funds. The 50 worst charities they and the other two sources came up with all “wasted more than $1 billion in the past decade” on telemarketing alone. All of this while their higher-ups cash out on huge paychecks.

Using state and federal records,” the investigating team “identified nearly 6,000 charities that have chosen to pay for-profit companies to raise their donations.” In addition to that madness, these worst charities “paid their solicitors nearly $1 billion over the past 10 years that could have gone to charitable works.”

The following list shows the top ten worst charities in America as of late, and the percentage of donations that actually go toward their proposed causes:

Kids Wish Network — 2.5%

Cancer Fund of America — 0.9%

Children's Wish Foundation International — 10.8%

American Breast Cancer Foundation — 5.3%

Firefighters Charitable Foundation — 8.1%

Breast Cancer Relief Foundation — 2.2%

International Union of Police Associations, AFL-CIO — 0.5%

National Veterans Service Fund — 7.8%

American Association of State Troopers — 8.6%

Children's Cancer Fund of America — 5.3%

Sources: Center for Investigative Reporting, CNN, Newser, Tampa Bay Times


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