New Offer for Business Owners: Open an Account, Get an AK-47


It's an offer that sounds too good to pass up -- open an account and get a free AK-47 assault rifle. Unfortunately (fortunately?) you have to be a business owner with $1 million in sales.

The Broward-Palm Beach New Times reports that a Sarasota, Florida company that processes credit card transactions is making the offer. said on its website that its mission with its credit card services is to protect businesses, so it seems natural to take the next step to help people physically protect their businesses:

One of the most important steps toward ensuring you and your businesses well being is deciding to not be a victim.

According to a survey conducted by Professors James D. Wright and Peter H. Rossi, 56% of the felons surveyed agreed that "A criminal is not going to mess around with a victim he knows is armed with a gun;"

With the all of violence and crime in the US there are many things merchants can do in order to protect themselves in the future.

It said all of this under a banner that reads "God, Guns & Guts."

To qualify for the $750 killing machine, a business owner would have to have at least 15 stores that do $1 million in sales. Smaller businesses can get vouchers for various amounts which they can use to purchase weapons.

The company writes:

Keep in mind we are not simply handing out AK-47 assault rifles to anyone who opens an account with us. Instead, you will receive a voucher that can be used towards the purchase of a firearm at any reputable gun shop where you must go through the proper background checks and waiting period that the law requires. If you prefer, the voucher can also be redeemed for cash.


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