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Networking Not Working?

Is your job search networking not working?  Here's a hint: It’s Not About You!

Job search networking is clearly a full contact sport – and no I’m not talking about a UFC knockout punch.  Networking is all about the contacts – who do you know and how likely are they to help you.  The key to networking working for you is to remember the golden rule of networking:

It’s Not About You!

If all you do is call your friends and ask them for a job it won’t take long for everyone to stop taking your calls.  Actually it usually takes only one call for this phenomenon to occur.  It’s not about you!

So what works?  It’s all about sharing 50/50 with the people you know.  If you focus your efforts on helping others then they will in turn help you when they can.  If however you completely suck the life out of your friends and offer nothing in return – expect nothing in the future.  It’s not about you!

As the Vice President, and executive recruiter with CFOs2GO my network is my living.  I go out of my way to do things for others each and every day.  I’m not talking about saying nice things to my friends, but rather actually finding a way to help them with whatever they are working on.  Often times it is merely opening up my rolodex and making an introduction of someone that would be helpful for them to know.  It’s not about me.

Think back over the past two years.  How many people have you helped with their job search?  I’m not talking about telling a friend to call HR and see what positions they have open – I’m talking about actually making a formal introduction and “greasing the wheels.”  If you’ve not helped anyone – then you should never expect anyone to ever lift a finger to help you.  It’s not about you!

Call it good karma or paying it forward.  It’s just being a good friend and helping others.  If you make your job search and your life about helping others you will find exactly what you are looking for and people will bend over backwards to help you in your quest.

Michael C. Webb is The Employment Expert, Author of Six Weeks to Multiple Job Offers, and Vice President in the executive search firm CFOs2GO.  Michael has been an executive in staffing and recruiting for over 15 years. 

You can connect with Michael on LinkedIn:

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