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Natalie Gunshannon Sues McDonald's Over Fee-Based Payroll Cards

Natalie Gunshannon and some other ex-McDonald's workers are suing the owners of a Shavertown, Pennsylvania McDonald's because the restaurant allegedly forces workers to be paid with a payroll debit card that charges employees to get their money.

The class-action lawsuit is against franchise owners Albert and Carol Mueller, not the corporate headquarters of McDonald's.

"I'm looking for the pay I am owed and for them to understand there has to be an option," Gunshannon told

"I tried to work with the company. They refused. I tried the main office in Clarks Summit. They refused. I never activated the card. I refused the fees. I just want it to be fair."

Gunshannon worked McDonald's for a month, but would not activate her payroll card after she found out about the fees.

Attorney Michael J. Cefalo recently filed the class-action lawsuit against the Muellers, who own 15 other McDonald's restaurants in Pennsylvania.

According to the lawsuit, the J.P. Morgan Chase payroll card charges numerous fees, including $1.50 for ATM withdrawals and $5 for over-the-counter cash withdrawals made inside the bank.

There is also a $1 fee for checking the balance on the card, 75 cents charge for monthly online bill payment info and even a $10 charge per month if the payroll card is not used for more than three months.

The American Payroll Association, an industry trade association, claims that Pennsylvania's Department of Labor and Industry has approved payroll cards as a legal form of payment.

The Muellers have not commented about the lawsuit or accusations.



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