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Most Republicans Think People Are Poor Because They Don't Work Hard, Says Poll

According to a new poll, most Republicans believe that poor people are poor because they do not work hard enough.

A recent survey by the Pew Research Center showed that 57 percent of Republicans believe that people are wealthy because "he or she worked harder than others." In a separate poll, 51 percent of Republicans believe that poor people have low incomes because they don't work hard enough.

Most of the country disagrees with the GOP, as an overall poll states that 51 percent of Americans believe the wealthy got rich via their advantages in life, notes

Only 32 percent of Republicans polled believe that people are poor due to circumstances beyond their control. recently reported on 11 common occupations that pay the minimum wage (or close to) $7.25, putting many workers in poverty. The positions included: airport workers, big-box store employees (Target, Walmart, Home Depot), casino jobs, fast-food workers, home health aides, fishing industry, truckers, construction workers, nail salon employees, farm workers and housekeepers/maids.



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