Missouri Cashier Mary Jane Hart Sells Self $1M Lottery Ticket

A lucky cashier in Missouri sold herself two winning lottery tickets, one of which was worth $1 million.

Mary Jane Hart of Doniphan, Missouri, works part time at the Hartland Pit Stop convenience store. On a hunch, she decided to buy a couple of tickets in a recent lottery. The first won her $500, the second a whopping $1 million. The mother of three said she didn’t realize her second lottery ticket had won until a friend called to tell her a winning ticket had been purchased at her store.

Hart sold herself the second ticket because the winnings had reached a record high, and though she didn’t win the $590 million jackpot (that went to a lucky Florida winner), she still came out feeling pretty spiffy.

Hart said she didn’t believe her luck until she was standing in the lottery office, handing over her ticket.

“I still didn’t believe it until we got to the lottery office and the guy started shaking his head and said congratulations. Then I knew it was real,” Hart said.

Before winning the lottery, Hart worked two jobs: One at the convenience store and one as a pharmacy technician. She says she doesn’t plan on quitting either of her jobs any time soon.

Sources: Inquisitr, Daily Mail


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