"Miss Iceland" Now in Danger: Snitched on Whitey Bulger

A newspaper has revealed the identity of the tipster who led the FBI to notorious mobster James "Whitey" Bulger, and now some say that revelation could put her life in danger.

The Boston Globe reported on Sundaythat a former Miss Iceland named Anna Bjornsdottir is the one who turned him in. Bjornsdottir and Bulger's girlfriend became friendly when they both took an interest in a stray cat that lived in their Santa Monica, California neighborhood. She eventually recognized Bulger and called the FBI, later getting $2 million in reward money.

The 57-year-old Bjornsdottir, who was Miss Iceland in 1974 and splits her time between California and her native land, could now be in danger.

"In the case involving a mob boss with a history of violence and murder, maintaining the confidentiality of the informant takes on a particular priority," former federal prosecutor Randy Mastro told FoxNews.com. "Such a witness would definitely be at risk."

Another former prosecutor said it could jeopardize the way the FBI does business.

"There is a huge risk to the (tipster) program, generally, to be able to cultivate informants if their identification is at risk," Michael Sullivan told the Boston Herald. "It has a chilling effect."

Bulger was arrested in June and sent back to Boston where he is charged with 19 murders.


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