Mirlande Wilson Has Not Claimed Mega Millions Jackpot


Mirlande Wilson, a Haitian immigrant and mother of seven who claims to have a $105 million Mega Millions lottery ticket, has not yet claimed her prize.

Because of her failure to come forward with the winning ticket, some have said Wilson is just conducting a strange hoax. Yet Maryland officials know a winning ticket was indeed purchased.

Wilson's co-workers at a McDonald's that she works at in Milford Mill, Maryland are furious at her because she said the winning ticket was not part of the pool of tickets that she bought on their behalf.

Maryland Lottery spokeswoman Carole Everett told FoxNews.com on Tuesday: "Until or unless someone walks through the door with that ticket, and it's verified as the winner, we don't have any lead on anybody. There is a winner somewhere, but we don't know who they are yet."

The three winning Mega Millions tickets (sold in Kansas, Illinois and Maryland) will split the $656 million jackpot. Split in three parts, the Mega Millions money would be $218 million each, before taxes, or $105 million after taxes.


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