Mirlande Wilson Can't Find Winning Mega Millions Ticket


On Thursday, News 4 asked Mirlande Wilson if she was going to claim her winning Mega Millions ticket, but the Baltimore mom of seven kids replied: "If I find it... I misplaced it."

Wilson was responsible for buying a McDonald’s employee pool of Mega Millions tickets, but said the winning ticket wasn’t part of the pool.

Wilson said she hid the ticket in a Baltimore area McDonalds where she works, which has been disputed by the McDonald's manager, who claims Wilson never returned to the restaurant after buying the tickets.

Maryland Lottery director Stephen Martino said that officials have looked at surveillance tape at the 7-11, but that there is an issue because the timestamp on the tape does not exactly match the timestamp of the lottery ticket machine, so they can't be exactly sure who bought the ticket from that video.

Martino is urging people who bought tickets at that location to check their tickets again to make sure they don't have the winner.


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