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Michele Bachmann Already Campaigning For 2014

Michele Bachmann is gearing up early for the 2014 Congressional campaign by already buying airtime for advertisements in Minnesota.

Bachmann (R-Minn.) will be running again for the House seat in her district against Democratic challenger Jim Graves, whom she narrowly beat out in 2012. Though she represents one of Minnesota’s most conservative districts, she only beat Graves by a margin of 4,500 votes in 2012.

According to the National Journal and filings with the Federal Communications Commission, the Bachmann campaign will air 31 advertisements, each 30-second spots, on local Fox-affiliate channel KMSP. The ads are set to begin on Thursday and will run over the course of 12 days, costing $14,565. The buy has not been confirmed by workers of the Bachmann campaign or by Crossroads Media, which is the campaign’s intermediary for ad buys.

Though the purchase isn’t financially significant, the early campaigning does show Bachmann may be worried about her seat in the House. She has already been targeted for defeat by the leading House Democratic super PAC as well as the House Majority PAC. Her opponent Jim Graves has already announced his intention to run as well, which may have the Bachmann campaign worried given the narrow margin of defeat last year.

Early campaigning may also be a preemptive strike for the Congresswoman before the House Ethics Committee formally overviews allegations against her from the 2012 campaign.

Three different allegations have appeared following her 2012 presidential run, which include charges for misusing campaign funds in order to promote her book, money laundering, and stealing an email list from a home-school organization.

For a candidate who believes God told her to run for president, these challenges to her convictions and character may be detrimental to her campaign's credibility. 

Sources: Salon,National Journal


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