Michael Jackson Tops List of Highest-Earning Dead Celebrities

Michael Jackson may be dead, but he still makes more money that you and everyone you know (unless Bill Gates or his pal Warren Buffett are reading this). Jackson is number one on the Forbes magazine Top-Earning Dead Celebrities list, raking in $170 million over the past year. That's pretty good, but down from $275 million the previous year.

Elvis Presley placed a distant second with $55 million. Marilyn Monroe, who has been dead for nearly 50 years, was third at $27 million.

Here is the complete Top 15 list:

1) Michael Jackson: $170 million
2) Elvis Presley: $55 million
3) Marilyn Monroe: $27 million
4) Charles Schulz: $25 million
5) John Lennon: $12 million
    Elizabeth Taylor: $12 million
7) Albert Einstein: $10 million
8) Theodor Geisel: $8 million
9) Jimi Hendrix: $7 million
    Stieg Larsson: $7 million
    Steve McQueen: $7 million
    Richard Rodgers: $7 million
13) George Harrison: $6 million
      Bettie Page: $6 million
      Andy Warhol: $6 million


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